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PAUL H. McCALLA- 2320 Cottage Grove Ave (Apt 3)- phone CA—5-2075?CHICAGO(l6)Ill.

Mr. Chester, A Hemphill  Chicago – 10/11/1948
1033 West State Street
Jacksonville, Illinois   (Hemp. G-351-1)

Dear Kinsman:

I owe you an apology for being so slow in answering Your kindly letter of
9/27/1948.  I have been loaded down with a lot of records an Our McCalla-
Archer branch, sent me by my Cousin, Robert Archer Woods, MA, KGC, 33o, (Mary
Lagow Hall) (M-312-11) of Princeton, Indiana.  I have been trying to finish
these revisions and, have let my correspondence go longer than I should
have done.  If You are a Mason, you may have heard of him, for he is a
very high Mason with a very long list of honors?. In 1944 he Founded the
large Monsonic Library, named for him, at Indiana University, (Bloomington,
In.), under the care of the endowed Indiana University Foundation, and
adjoining their large Lincoln Library.  It is 3rd in size in the US, and
through the rapidly accumulating gifts of other Masons, may soon be the 2nd
largest in the US.  Cousin Robert is the 87-year-old Patriarch Of the
McCallas in the Indiana region, but is not a Hemphill, although his McCallas-
Archers came North from Chester, SC, to Indiana with our McCallas-Hemphills#.
Ours settled in Bloomington, Ind, while his McCallas-Archers settled in
Princeton, Indiana.

One of the very interesting sheets be sent me concerned his Nephew Thomas
Archibald Miller, AM, PhD (M-312-121), who is a Research Analyst with the Army
Intelligence - and who had much to do with “breaking” the Japanese Codes,
which aided greatly in winning the war against the Japs.  This is a fine
accomplishment, and I am glad to add his records among the rest of our
people.  Cousin Robert's grandson, R. A. Woods, II, M.B.A. (Ruth Henrietta
Diller) (M-312-111-1) had a brilliant record at the U. of Rochester (NY)
and at Harvard Business School, and also ended the war as a full Lieutenant,
USNR.  He is now an Investment Counsellor, with Stein, Roe & Farnham, 135
So. LaSalle St, Chicago.

It to very interesting that there is also a street in Ft Worth, Texas
Named “Hemphill Street”.  I have made a memo of this on the sheets of Hon.
John Hemphill, 3rd.(Hemp.A-55), and when I get a chance to revise his
Sheets -  which need it very badly – I will see that due mention is made of
This fact, as very possibly the street was also named for him.  I do not
Know who the Music Teacher of Ft Worth could be, altho we have a lot of
Hemphills in Texas, some around such towns as Gainsville-Myra-San Angelo,
Etc.  Thanks a lot for telling me of this.

By the way - You mentioned that you saw Service in World War I, and at one
time were stationed at Camp Bowie, Ft Worth, Texas.  Wish you would give
me data as to your Outfit-Rank-etc so that I can attach a memo to your
own page.  Then someday I can revise your own page to show your War Service.

I have Revised Page 2 of your own Data Pages, and am enclosing two copies.
Please substitute one in each of your two sets of Family G.  These pages are:

Hemp.G-351.1-1 “Data concerning Hemphill Family G." (10/10/l948)
    This Page is Revied – and takes the place of the old similar page 2
    (which was dated 9/20/1948).  So take out the old page 2, and put this
    Revised page in it’s place

I wrote Mr. Charles Hemphill of Lora, Ill, and received a reply from Mr.
Charles Edward Hemphill - filling in the bare outline of the Question Sheet

10/11/1948 - Page 2:

I had mailed to him. He stated that he was Mr. Charles Edward Hemphill,
Christabel Mitchell), living at 401 E. 4th St Flora, Ill, and was in the
Insurance business.  That he had 1 child, (probably the Charles whom you an it
(your sons knew), and that he himself was born 7/23/1877 in Illinois.  His
Father was William White Hemphill (Sarah A. Arnett), who was born in 1837,
in County Antrim, Ireland, and had 6 children.  This father came in 1849,
to Rock Island County, Illinois, and a year later, in 1850, they move on to
Randolph County, Illinois.  I will write him again later.

I also note that In your own Family G, your James Hemphill (Margaret _____)
(Hemp.G-34), also Emigrated to America in 1849, but your own records do not
show where he settled.  I am just idly wondering if these could have recog-
nized each other as kinsmen - and could have come to America together?

Another Interesting development is that a Wm. James Hemphill. a Farmer of
RFD 1, Marissa, Illinois - writes that his father was a Farmer, was born in
Coleraine, North Ireland, and emigrated in 1860 to Marissa, St. Clair Co,
Illinois.  In answer to my query as to whether he bad ever heard his people
speak of settling first in Chester County, South Carolina be wrote back:

                            “Yes, they were Father’s Counsins.”

This is an interesting Statement for him to make. Soon I will write him
for more information.  These old Scotch people were very clannish, and knew
their own people – even if they did not write it down carefully, for the
benefit of future family genealogical records. He says also that be has a
lot of relatives living around Olathe, Kansas.

But I am still struck with the fact that it is proving so hard to locate
my own missing Family A Hemphills - who wandered away to Illinois, and
became lost to our family records.

No answer as yet from Mr. R.G. Hemphill of Barberton Ohio - or from the
Hemphill of Kentucky - the latter of Family F, to which Judge Hemphill of
Carlinville belongs.  Doubtless they will reply soon.

You might be interested in knowing of more of our Hemphills of Family A:
Hon. James Hemphill, (Rachel E. Brawley) (Hemp.A-58A) helped Found the
fine old law firm of Hemphill & Hemphill, of Chester, SC, and wrote “Hemp-
hill Family Notes”-1894, upon which our early records are based. His
older brother was, Hon. John Hemphill.3rd, Hemp.A-55), who was the first
Chief Justice of Texas, whom I mentioned in a previous letter.  Hon. James
was both a Congressman and a Senator in the SC legislature and for many
years.  He was a trustee of the Columbia Theological Seminary, Columbia, SC.
     One son of Hon. James was Major David Hemphill, 2nd (Lessie Singleton-
Ida Strobel) (Hemp.A-58A-1), who was a banker in Chester, SC.
    Another son was Hon. John James Hemphikll, (Eliz. S. Henry) (Hemp. A-58A-3),
a partner in the law firm of Hemphill & Hemphill, of Chester, SC and who
became a Congressman from SC at Washington.  There he became Chairman of
the committee on the District of Columbia, and led the movement which
Founded Rock Greek Park, in Washington.  He also led the movement which
Founded a permanent system of US highways - so we can thank him for our
great Highway System.  He later had a large law practice in Washington DC
while also retaining his name in Hemphill & Hemphill, in Chester, SC.  His
own son, in turn, is a broker in NY.
    Another son of Hon. James was Rev. Charles Robert Hemphill, DD, (Emma
Muller) (Hemp.A-58A-4), who for many years was President of the Louisville
Presbyterian Seminary, at Louisville, Ky, and was also Moderator the

10/11/19 48 - Page 3 :

Southern Presbyterian Synod.  His Portrait, by Frank 0. Salisbury, is
shown in the Genealogy.

Referring again to Hon. John Hemphill, 3rd (Hemp.A-55), the Ist Chief Jus-
tice of Texas, for whom Hemphill County, Texas, was named – here is the
listing about him on Page 2 of the large “Towns Founded” list:

Hon. John Hemphill, 3rd (Hemp.A-55), may be considered as one who aided in
Founding both the Republic of Texas and the State of  Texas.  He went (1842)
to Texas as a member of the Mier Expedition, with Gen’l Somerville.  Became
Adjunct-General of Republic of Texas in 1842 - before Texas was a State.
Was delegate to Convention of 1845 which accepted Annexation, and member
of Constitutional Convention which adopted the Constitution of 1845 . Was
Chairman of Judiciary Committee which formulated Organic Laws of the State.
Was appointed and later elected, Chief Justice of State of Texas - served
18 years.  Sent to US Senate for State of Texas in 1858 - served until
Civil War. A County, in Texas was named for him.  Buried beside a monument
to First Justices of the State in Austin Texas.
         (Page A-55-Family A. Hemphill Section-McCALLA GENEALOGY).”

These 6 little thumb-nail sketches of some of our people may give you a
better idea of some of your Kinsmen of Family A.

                                    With cordial best wishes,
                                    Paul H. McCalla

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            Data Concerning Hemphill Family G.                       (Page 2)
      “I have come to the conclusion that the Hemphill name is not at all uncommon,
and although I have only met two other members, being Judge Hemphill
(Hemp.F-211-2), of Carlinville (Illinois), and a Charles Hemphill from
Flora, Illinois I find that the name is usually present in the Directories
of most of the large cities of this country.  There are people by the name
in St, Louis, Alton and Evanston (Ill).  There is quite a concentration of
them in North Platt, Nebraska, and I noted in the Los Angeles, California
telephone directory that there is a Rev. Chester A. Hemphill, (??) a Presby-
terian minister.  Yours very truly, Chester A. Hemphill.” (Hemp.G-351-1).
     (Same Letter of 9/18/1948): “Dear Mr McCalla:  I am very grateful to
you for your letter of September 11, 1948, and the information contained
therein, and I am enclosing, duly filed out, the form which was sent in
your own letter, and I have added a few other details to it.  IN your first
letter you made some reference to the possibility that my branch of the
family might have been among those migrating to Ohio, and you will note in
the data I have sent you, it appears that my Grandfather, Robert Hemphill,
(G-35), and his sister Margaret (G-33), were married respectively in Columb-
bus and Cincinnati.
    Should you come across any other information which you think would be of
Interested to me, I shall appreciate very much your passing it on, and I hope
That at some future time I will be able to meet you in person.  Sincerely,
Chester A. Hemphill” (Hemp.G-351-1)/
    (Same Letter of 9/27/1948):  “Dear Mr McCalla:  I wish to thank you very
much indeed for the two copies of records which you sent me under the date
of September 21, 1948.  I have gone over them with much interest and I cert-
ainly got a lot out of your accompanying letter.
     I have often wondered whom, (Hemp.A-55) the County in Texas was named after
And I used to be' very much intrigued, when I was stationed at Camp
Bowie at Fourt Worth, Texas, in World War 1, to note that one of the main
Streets was named "Hemphill Street".  I believe that, at the time, there
Was a person of that name who was a Music Teacher, living in that city.
You mentioned writing Mr. Charles Hemphill at Flora, Illinois.  I would
suggest that you address Mr. C. E. Hemphill of that city, who, until his re-
tirement, was Cashier of the First National Bank there.  I have never met
him nor had any other contact with him, but I do know his son Charles, who
was at the University of Illinois at the time my sons were.
    Again may I express my appreciation to you for all the information with
Which you have supplied me, and with kindest personal regards, I am, Sin-
cerely, Chester A. Hemphill.  (Hemp.G-351.1).


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